Gen, I expect her to be sincere at this age with Nigeria. Ojukwu is dead and would no longer come to defend himself. The Aburi event is a truth that has driven you away and would do so to the end. If you thought Ojukwu misinformed the nation, what was it that Ojukwu should address the nation if you are the head of state? What about the Information Minister? You had a fever and you couldn`t talk? An apology from Funn. You spoke four years after Ojukwu`s death, and we have no one to argue with you. But you should keep in mind that you have led the bloodshed on the African continent in an unprecedented way. The agreement was reached at a meeting between delegates from the federal military government and the now-disbanded eastern region between 4 and 5 January 1967 in the Ghanaian city of Aburi to avoid the impending civil war that followed the 1966 military coups. Elder GOWON, why now. Why didn`t you defend yourself when Ojukwu was alive? They are only trying to create more political tensions now that the elections are starting. We Ibos may forget small, but we can not forgive you for the atrocities and injustices committed against ndigbo , souls lost during the biafra war and 20 pounds of lump sum compensation that you gave to every man and woman igbo, regardless of the amount that each person had deposited in the bank after the war. Please do not open the wounds that some have forgotten.

Go home and rest abeg. Although the agreements were mere agreements without legal justification, which were never implemented, this meeting in a small Ghanaian town changed Nigeria forever. After several fruitless attempts to bring them to the negotiating table (Gowon and Ojukwu), Aburi, a safer place in Ghana, was agreed by both sides, while General Ankrah offered to host them to bring the country down from the precipice. Given this apparent national demand, it was expected that both parties would have sufficient time to resolve apparently inconsistent and, as such, armed disputes with respect to preparation to the teeth. Due to the lack of will of one party and more, the agreement (although duly acknowledged by the negotiators) was seriously considered by (spoilers) of those who believed that Ojukwu had abused his academic skills to negotiate in favor of the government of the Eastern region. Rather, the impact of the federal side`s negotiating capacity in the negotiations has led to another, more overflowing, monster of the Nigerian system – the challenge of political implementation. As a result, the failure to implement the agreement simply highlighted the evidence: Nigeria`s poor record in implementing the policy. And the historic trip to Nigeria`s public policy annals shows that if all the policies formulated in the country over the years had been implemented accordingly, Nigeria would undoubtedly have been on a fast-paced development path.

He spoke of the importance that full implementation of the Aburi Agreement could have spared the country a large number of human and material resources lost during the civil war. Before the Aburi conference, Nigeria was dragged to the brink by two military coups in 1966. One of the major consequences was the impasse between two military leaders (Gowon and Ojukwu). The reason for the face-off, which dominated the agenda of the Aburi conference, was that many scholars believe that the issue of Aburi and its impact on the Nigerian civil war have their origin in the creation of the Nigerian state.